Disgusting people hate others for no reason, are smelly, angry, filthily guided, monstrous, manic, crazed, angry, smell of disease! You are so filthy that you cowardly attacked again, so you're overed, see you in Hell for the sequel, basically

You are disgusting, feral, angry, disgusting, feral, filthy, dirty, angry, nonsensical, pillager

You are a rapist, a disturbed person, a person who kills for fun, a nasty person who kills hopes, but your Satanism fails, as always,

You know why? Your idiot looks like a fake hero, a person who kills, and enjoys the killing of heroes to privilege themselves to the product of their abuse, their hard work

you are going to HELL, if you don't know where that is, it's where your parents are, but your asses won't see theirs, (frauds, charlatans, killers, rapists, destroyers, thugs, fakes, abusers,    |

you are going to a Spiritual Jail, as anyone who betrays God ends up there, without compensation or hope for reconciliation, and it crosses religious lines; so no one is immune, but people are to be protected from your Satanism)

You are EVIL, disgusting, feral, filthy, ugly, filthy, smelly, and cursed forever, you are not to talk to me like that, you abuser (destructive, nasty, fithly, dirty, angry, morose, filthy, dirty, angry, morose, filthy, destructive, angry)

people who are evil die, people are aggressive pillage, pervert truths and The Truth, which is constant, unwavering, and true, no matter the Devil's machinations 

Harmful people kill, destroyers destroy, and your parents are in HELL, tormented by your whims

You are going to burn in HELL, you stupid money-woman/man/gal, you're overed,

you will not see it,


are denied to you, and I destroyed every aspect of your legacy, shorty, and it's all gone, your respect in the streets, pussy, kittycat, bitch-made bitch, money-slut!

You aren't real, baby, you're a fraud, boy, so keep fighting - you are a pussy, a gaudy fraud, and your lies have no basis, so you're dead inside? that ain't cool, bro, go on, See You Again (not you, your good family members are so happy to see you)

you are not to talk to God, in your head, as you try to kill, and you are dangerous people, soulless things, who try to be cool, but are perverts! you are so gross!

you dirty man, you filthy sluts, you dirty men and women, you are not to fuck with God, understood? You are atheists/Satanists who enjoy killing for fun, you're so gross, so filthy, so purposeless, ugly, depressing, and disgusting!