well, that feels fun

i'm great 

i'm so great

i'm so unaffected by your bullshit, this is terrorism, and i hate those who terrorize others, to feel good

to feel high

hahaha that's a false feeling

it means hatred

it means lack of empathy

it means not understanding what it's like to have nothing, and make something out of nothing

the true nature of hard work

i work for lazy people? no. to make lazy people? to make use of people? no.

i hate those who take advantage, so I hate you, the hater - just a random psychopath online - a random personal psychopath - and a final psychopath - the weirdo

so, i'll say it's weird, but not like that - it means you're acting very strangely around children, pervertedly suggesting that money is a means to abuse children

it also means i hate adults? no, it means you are an experienced person, someone who knows how and why people hurt others --- others who have so much less and know far less, and as such will treat you as a dangerous person to be around - which is not what money is for, to love - a feeling, not a mood

i want to help others, with life, not death - so when you kill, do you laugh?