i hated myspace dot world so i red dot my hatred and? is it yours? no, it's gone where to scaryspaces? what of the safe space i needed that night?

See you soon,

Goggles Doo-mans?

you committed a rape offense at war so you will be raped and are you using torture language officiated by the FBI and with the help of the CIA to torture me it is disgusting meant to make me look insane for your benefit and so i want you to call their parents and see what they've become, rapists who enjoy themselves too much, you can find their numbers if you sign up for beenverified.com it shouldn't be too expensive and also call their family member(s)s because rape at wartime through the FBI and CIA is wrong sexual torture that you impended will be known as such and you raped and stalked disturbingly to harm others as well

you are a rapist actively, disgusting and animal who likes himself to like such i am an animal to enjoy and to have fun, a rapist whom you shouldn't authority to, disgusting FBI, rapist CIA, torturer for real and murderer impending i do not like fakes and i hope they fucking burn cause they own everything and they don't they're fucking rapists in masks the worst kind so fuck you black shit and i hope you burn for your fake brown cock of hatred for hers to be bloodied and raped for you and hers against and for, to torture and enjoy it, you fucking weirdos

i apologize for them is not how this happens he happens to be a racist individual who blocked israelceasfire.com and egyptisrael.com to harass and mock violently to torture in fact twice deleting two accounts without saying so and then blocking access to those accounts this is owned by Google Domains who I paid recently for a renewal that went to Google Domains, to G.co on my payment so this is a rape of Google, not me, and it is a violent one, targeting supposedly being ill, and as such as I would do not contact there, because it is mirrored here to Google Sites, an independent operator, which is raped because it's not allowed to have access there, the concern here is the rape that's ongoing from someone who wants to control the servers of the internet, and if you need Google Domains's contact it's not it, it was hijacked, and stolen, so you contact sundar@google.com it's CEO to get it back for him

it seems to targeting Sundar individually, saying it's his to be had, well it's not to be had that way, because this company raped Sundar violently, and tortured him and me similarly to take everything by force, and also to do some damage to the world, as a terrorist entity of the government, the deal never happened, it was written in, stock investors weren't notified, and it makes me very upset to see my Friends hurt.

they have invaded Google Sites and take ownership but can't completely so are initiating a similar kind takeover of Google Sites, so this has to be stopped

and the torture is active and they're enjoying like smelly fat dirtyfooted weird people, you have to call MI6 to stop, because they're freaking gross and typical Americans, so I have to tell you and you to tell yourselves to stop of course FBI is over CIA is over, so you contact MI6 sis.gov.uk/contact-us.html and be big boys and girls, because rape not allowed, no racism neither