"Throughout their three-year relationship, Apple remembers Anderson saying harsh words, telling her she was a bad partner, making her look unstable, and, once, he shoved her out of a car. She remembers he threw a chair across the room after"

 Paul Thomas Anderson ("Licorice Pizza")

Louis Vuitton's official YouTube account has 672 videos tonight, with almost 4 million subscribers. One of their uploads is this creep's (Kris Wu). Yuck. They obviously don't give a damn about your kids. And love your money. Prices are so inflated. It's disturbing how much they pocket from each sale. That is dishonesty. It takes a village to make that gaudy shit, but don't let them take your souls with them. This was not an oversight. They are very careful and particular, with every stitched bag and embellishment. 

So you walk into a Louis Vuitton "boutique" to give away all the money you spend all your emotions and blood, sweat, and tears on. You're immediately dizzied. You meet a nice person in a suit. She offers you a champagne. Do you know why? So you're intoxicated. So you buy shit to support them. It's creepy. 

There's a lot of favoritism. If you're rich, you're treated to certain perks. If you're poor (to the snobs), you don't even know they exist.

The fashion industry is often cited as one of the world’s worst polluters — but destroying perfectly usable merchandise in an effort to maintain prestige is perhaps the dirtiest secret of them all.