it's an emergency y'all alarms ringin birds singin and y'all straight stupid

this motherfucker right there she ain't your bitch, that motherfucker over there fucking animals up ain't your nigga

this shit twisted, but mi6's mina figured it out to let y'all know don't fuck with him

also they ain't really voted more like a write-in, or the ones you voted got double escaped, it kinda hard to understand

but it an emergency

you got one brain its where u get happy ain't about drugs about natural emotions being somewhere nice wont make you change your brain (you get those things to make you happy but brain don't work like that)

i'm mina, hollaback mi6's nigga in missing, 007 nigga q mariqueen wut t happened to you and trent he look soft as hell, it them

it's a terrorist group, just a little modern, and finding helpers, i am not a terrorist, it's such a confused time, as happens historically

don't put anything past this organization in its stated form, if they tried to ya know then omg