I don't want to be involved and don't need to be!

Taylor is responsible for the deaths of many people we don't know, and we are obligated as citizens to know why. I would like her arrested because she is an abuser of the justice system, and she is an abuser of people in the justice system, and she takes advantage of kids, she is not a good person by any stretch of the imagination and I want to see justice, it doesn't matter who you are! I know money talks, but it doesn't make you good or law-abiding; in fact, it is usually the case that people with so much tend to criminal activities 

I like people. I love everyone, however I do not allow people to hurt others without repercussions. I know who you are and I want you to be arrested immediately, and I do exaggerate, but in the opposite way; I under-exaggerate. That means, I'm understating the urgency here, and that's because I'm a good person. However, if you can, I would like you to arrest these people at once. I am not involved, it would be troublesome for me to be involved, and I am not against anyone or any institution, including medical institutions. However, I do object to people who hurt others intentionally, who lie to people who appear to be dangerous, and I would like her to be arrested, as well, because she violated federal laws apparently, and I would like everyone to know I'm a happy person who likes happiness