"This ain't about a damn religion." Mister Ye

white nationalists abuse religious wars to avenge their wicked souls. they will crumble eventually, and are currently in crisis, but they need to not get away with Black violence now. That is not a good thing. Kanye West is used by a tool by some crazies to make it seem like a race war is occuring. most fade, but some MAY, so do be careful in your risky wars, Mr. Ye and comrades against ALL bigotry. the attacks that will happen definitely (and have been occuring) are on a personal level, through journalists and particulars who piggyback off each other to try to kill Freedom and make the world bigoted, abusing Kanye West, who is strong, but fights back with help. God is not vengeful. God is peaceful. The devils are violent and seek revenge. Peace is always sought. Kanye has always been spiritually open. Sunday Service was open to everyone, and he made everyone more spiritual. Jewish, Muslims - alike. Watch out for the little wars with bigger aims. Spirituality, as a whole, is in decline, and invites all religions. Don't harm anyone, from any religion. Everything leads. God leads, though, at the end of the day, so do show proper respect!