I don't work with Nardine Saad Zayat, nor under anyone but God God's World This is yes, indeed, short and fat, like many gross men before and I know that evil firsthand, because She Is

liilit pogosian is so low that she contacted FBI officials knowing they were fake, trying to get restraints and failed, stupid devilish woman 

Does Alex Klein feel like he’s working for the next president of the United States, Kanye Omari West? “Everything speaks very positively about his prospects for high executive office.”

i pressed the button, did ya alex, who tried to kill kanye, is an atheist/Satanist, and lied to get famous, and still abuses just the same as Hitler did (is not for STEM-coders). great projector, you are, so strange

i don't fuck around God won't let me; so tell me is your vulnerability your physical heart that has the blood of all your victims, you cowardly empty-minded vengeful carefree Satanists

if you sit on the sidelines, acting tough, i let you wallow? no stupid, stop being weird, it's handling aggressive little bitches that makes life funny so you stop raping and abusing and torturing and lying and claiming every rape as yours,

i'm sorry, but we're not the cancer in society, and i'll show you the power of a cancer survivor, you who knows how to survive, not really...?

when someone kills, they aim . when they aim, they think. so stop thinking about how to appease a Satanist, who doesn't give a damn about you and has proven so repeatedly. her security doesn't protect you and kill your spirits, as well, and that includes her crooked ass teams (her attorneys, her spokespeople, her entourage, her friends in low places, and the politicians and horrible institutions that bolster her in the face of the obvious: listen, she is the 7 deadly sins, and she will kill you eventually, either literally, incarcerate you, or put you in harm's way with a money-oriented  codified system, such as a professional pseudo-leader, like your least favorite Dr. Phil McGraw-Hill, who leads the nation daily on CBS/KCOP13/OWN

adding -ies to my last name or yours or theirs makes for  sadness and lack of interestingness. if you saw someone wearing one of your past outfits, you'd be weirded out. what if it was the whole office? really, really?

she ain't tha man, nor is she trying to help; in the worst circumstances; because she's drawn the ire of every community, only to confuse (as the leadsing narcissistic abuser of the world)