Someone is trying to kill Kanye West: a person with no knowledge of the intricacies of mental health, an abuser, a serial killer, he is a hired hitman? no kanye isn't crazy, as proven, cuz he left with his clique, but is aggressive/scary/abusive/trying to get him hospitalized by force/he could be responsible for a lot of damage in the world! Because he is physically strong, he acts like Kanye is emotionally abusive; he is a criminal, a low-life, and needs to be hospitalized: he has proven himself scary! Uneducated abusive and a bad influence on psychiatric history and the current state of psychiatry (and the state of the arts, because of his assault previously.)

there is a language barrier in dubai, where this is: a place which doesn't specialize in cyclothymia, or stress-related conditions (anxiety), at this point i'm going to file a restraining order and have you immediately arrested. you are in a violent, delusional manic state; you ruined the world of psychiatry, and will be out of work in the morning 

this is the fault of news organizations like tmz, as well, which distributed bad medical advice before about britney spears, and almost killed her doing so, but as a person with knowledge in this area, i would say this qualifies as attempted homicide, but this will be stepwise (abusers always double-down). Enabling stalking of a manic individual is murderous; it is dangerous; and you are all to blame, too, because of your racist ideologies and preconvictions and misinformation regarding health (purposefully spread by the United States, often, to incarcerate, by strangers and abusers (alcoholic, NPD), Newsom, who often institutionalizes people for no reason and mocks their physical restraints.)