it hurt your ralph lauren dad cap? so you're saying you're hurt by your dad cappin'? cappin' as in hurtin, or lying about your dad having a ralph lauren dad cap, to start with let me ask you these two questions, then you two can answer together, as there, there, yes, the there's of the world of looking out for each other, thanks for looking out for me means a lookout?? i suppose such hatred, such animosity makes sense, but the way you pronounce animosity is unique, you'd say? do you say so? have you been amorous or anonymous, which should indicate mental health icd 10 code 55.3 meaning, too, so don't be sad? doesn't mean that, right it don't mean that you can take that way i slang, you think it mean say common ghetto nigger word, but i ain't use that word you niggers so you are trying to take Cultural Vernacular, which We own individually, and it's supposed to be Collectively, Racial Togetherness? no, just being together, fucking kkk's nah they kkk they ded a long time ago, it mean ku ku roo chicken, not kenny rogers' lol popeyes kanye fatter than her ass i swear

it kinda seem sketch but real simultaneously, like a fake Sweet Lady Jane, as it makes no sense

-- -- --

Nordy's is a great program, to get hurt, like if you want to get johnny cash's piano book, do it well; because if you don't, Cash will see you at Folsom County? Penitentiary? Johnny Cash performed to heal prisoners, not change them, don't lie and say Johnny is only a carson daly impersonator, and that dick clark is really the real one for looking like that, like someone who doesn't have nor want. not having wants is different than not having needs, and it's important to neither want nor not want what you need