kenn jennings didn't answer you and can't because in psychological hell, which is not real hell, only a glimpse of the monstrosity of these evil men and women, these are Satanists Satanics stupid fools

but not the Innocent

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this appears to have a direct correlation to abusers at the UC, the worst system in the world, out-of-state is never allowed because of transitory moods states (it's something working on trans) (, like transit systems, and transitory mood states, like mania, which is never seen on college campuses because of UC, the worst education system, and an attempt at academic and political and psychiatric tyranny) Michael Drake, of Uc Irvine, is not to be contacted and should be imprisoned with the rest, racist, a model of an abuser, just the worst abuser historically, UC Irvine

someone put that F not A+ in Abnormal Psychology and someone sent that and someone wasn't a victim, poor pitiable great job on a job well done ask that professor stop lying abusing

no contact ever just move hands no movement

a feature of mental illness is violence necessarily right terrifyingsoblinding academic abuse

james randi is not homosexual

skinny gillette razors are a strange, not estranged

cutting off is scary any mutilation religiously

perhaps purposeful but bullshit on showtime was a fun show

not scary as i remember

nail polish mom which mom more than one kind of abuse so you hate them kind of abuse

that breathing you think is covid is an adrenaline rush, the worst humans historically everyone involved

this appears to be an induction of mania by a pharmecutical company, into making people think they're Elvis, to create bipolar disorder and abuse and kill, as usual, the worst torturers

a lot of drugs