I do not help people who kill people. You killed somebody in another place. You are going to HELL, people involved, people who could have done something. You are rapists and animals, and I do not respect you. You are horrible. You are uneducated. And you are DEVILS. You are going straight to HELL. You are not a good person, 

your behaviors have been so reckless, so callous that you murdered someone in cold blood right now. someone popped it. it's your fault. i am not your friend anymore, scary thing, you foolish coward, i don't write for you anymore, i write for the sufferers, it's time something is done about your weirdness and it's happening now. you are to not have fun anymore. you are a selfish little soul. so i don't love you. fuck off. and stop abusing people, psycho

this is a therapy support site for victims of abuse. you are not a victim, but instead an abuser. you can see yourself to HELL

you evil, that's all. you are not welcome in. you are burning in HELL (that includes your friends, families, and hateful things. 

I'm worried about you. Please don't contact the FBI. They won't help you. They'll just make fun of you, and watch as you get raped basically

i do not know what's going on. i was never contacted. however, they need to know why and what and how because you initiated this murder spree, not me. I need to know what's going on at my e-mail address which you have.  she v a d i s